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Pricing Policy

Value + Higher Performance

We continually refine our prices on more than 25,000 wireless products to offer you the best value in the marketplace. In this exciting, rapidly evolving environment, prices are subject to change and may differ from printed/published materials. Please consult Tessco.com or call Tessco directly at 800.472.7373 for your up-to-date pricing.

To better serve as your total-source partner and so that we may offer you the best "Your Price" for each product, we regularly review customer pricing on our wide array of products. And as your business with us grows, you'll be able to take advantage of even more savings.

At Tessco, we strive to complement high performance with value pricing to provide you the best overall experience and satisfaction—combining the dependability, knowledge, service, and availability you need to support your growing business needs and enduring success.

Currency on Tessco.com:

On your Tessco.com worksheet, you will always see "List Price" in U.S. dollars. If you have a different currency established for your account, the "Your Price" column will be displayed in that currency. For questions about currency, contact us.

Tessco Delivery Promise: What You Need, When and Where You Need it—Guaranteed

Delivery Rates: In addition to our competitive delivery rates, Tessco backs every order with our Performance Guarantee. Your order is guaranteed to be complete and correct, delivered on time, on site, with the due date confirmed at the time of the order. It is how we deliver for every customer, every time.