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The New TESSCO.com Checkout Flow

We've streamlined our online checkout process, adding brand new functionalities that will make shopping on TESSCO.com even easier and let you follow your order progress from worksheet creation to payment. Below you'll find tutorials and information about the new changes to the checkout process and how it will simplify your shopping experience. Please contact us at webhelp@tessco.com if you have any additional questions or comments.

In the pages that follow you will see benefits and new enhancements that will strengthen your purchasing power and increase the value we provide to you and your project.

We will cover:

Worksheet Functionality

The new worksheet features a persistent worksheet summary module at the bottom of the page to offer a breakdown of charges for the order based on the default shipping method for the account.

Worksheet Comments

Worksheet comments appear on your TESSCO.com worksheet, but do not appear on the final packing list or invoice. To insert worksheet comments on the top of the worksheet (as opposed to after each line item), click "Worksheet Comments" (blue box).

You will be taken to the main Worksheet Comments page, where you can enter up to 4k characters. Simply enter the comments and click "Save Worksheet Comments". You will return to the Worksheet, and your comments will be posted below the worksheet name.

When you click on the Worksheet Comments action at the top of the worksheet page you will be presented Worksheet Comments page:

When a comment has been submitted on the Worksheet Comments page it will present on the Worksheet:

Confirm Price and Availability

Once you've finalized your product selection, hit the "Confirm Price" button (blue box) to see product availability and your pricing. You can view suggest list price, your qualified pricing, and extended price by clicking on the "Extended Price" tab. TESSCO.com will let you confirm your delivery date and cost as well (green box).

Deleting Products

To delete a product from your worksheet first place a check mark in the box or boxes next to lines you wish to delete (yellow box). Then click on the word "delete" at the top of the "box" column (yellow box) OR move your mouse over the "Edit" menu and choose "Delete Lines".

Changing Quantities

Just change the quantity in the "Qty" (brown box) field and hit the "Confirm Price" button.

Cost Breakdown

In the worksheet module we will provide merchandise, tax and delivery (PDG) cost to provide insight into estimated charges (purple box) for the created worksheet. When items are removed or added the estimated totals will update as changes are made providing up-to-date price estimates.

Proceed to Checkout

When your worksheet is complete and you are ready to move ahead with the ordering process, the Proceed to Checkout action (red box) will move your ordering process to the next step; Delivery.

After proceeding to checkout, the progress bar will present along the top giving you information about where you are in the checkout flow; Delivery, Payment or Review. As you progress through the checkout flow you will be able to navigate backwards to any of the previous steps.

Delivery Settings

When you proceed to the Delivery page, you will be able to continue in the order flow or customize your order with the Advanced Options module (purple box), change the delivery address (yellow box), update your delivery speed (black and red box) and view your estimated order total (green box).

If your worksheet contained items with extended delivery date (black box) you will be able to update the delivery speed for those items. Note: If you change the extended delivery speed your delivery cost will not be calculated until you proceed to the next screen.

The "Proceed to Payment" action moves the user forward in the checkout flow for selecting payment terms for the order.

The Advanced Delivery module presents options that allow you to customize your order.

Advanced Delivery Options

Future to Ship

The Future to Ship delivery option allows you to select a delivery date up to 90 days into the future. Selecting the Future to Ship date (red box) combined with the delivery speed selected on the Delivery screen you will be able to select the day you want to receive your items. Note: Dates will be impacted by availability of items at the time of order.

Possible Future to Ship Scenarios

If all SKUs are available now, or if 'Ship Complete', is selected then one calender date will present on the Order Detail table.

There may be multiple delivery dates in the Order Detail table if 'Ship Partial' was selected and the Future to Ship date selected is before any of the extended lead times presented on worksheet.

If 'Ship Complete' is selected and the Future to Ship date selected is prior to any extended lead time(s) on the worksheet, the earliest possible Expected Delivery date for the entire order, beyond the requested date, will be shown in the Order Detail table.

Future to Ship can be removed from the order, on the Advanced Options screen, using the 'X' next to the saved selection.



On the Payment screen you will be able to input your PO number (green box), select the terms account, and use a stored credit card or add a new credit card for one-time use (red box). Similar to previous screens the summary of charges for the order is presented in the Worksheet Summary (black box).

The 'Review Order' action presents the user with all order options selected for confirmation and placement of the order.

Review Order

On the Review Order page you will be able to view all the optionsand details for the order, including worksheet items. Additionally, you will be able to make changes to previously selected options if required using the "Change" action next to the appropriate section.

Once you are satisfied with all order options, simply "Place Order".

Once you have placed the order, you will be presented with the Order Confirmation page.

Order Confirmation

On this page you will be able to view sales order(s) numbers assigned to your order. The "View Order Status Page" action presents the order history pages containing available order status for current and previous orders.

Note: If an order requires initial review before fulfillment, order status may not be available immediately.

Sharing and Saving a Worksheet

Sharing Your Work

One of the major benefits of TESSCO.com worksheets is the ability to share work between colleagues. If your company has several people using TESSCO.com, you can see any worksheets they've done.

When you select worksheets from your location or account, you will be allowed to view a worksheet. If you wish to use that information for your own worksheet, you can "save" the worksheet as your own. You cannot change it if it's been designated as read–only; this is designed to protect the developer of the worksheet from losing his/her work.

Sharing work enables you to save time in your product searches; if a colleague has created a comprehensive worksheet for a cell site build, or a merchandising system, you don't have to start from scratch. If you do save a colleague's worksheet as your own, you also have the advantage of seeing that newly–saved worksheet under "My Worksheets," which will contain fewer entries than the location or account options.

Here's a helpful hint: if you do use a colleague's worksheet as a template, it is helpful to save the worksheet with a new name via "Save As" or "Rename" under the "File" menu. Giving the worksheet a unique name will help you (or someone else) find your worksheet later.

Saving a Worksheet

You can save your worksheet by clicking the yellow "Save" button. If you wish to save the worksheet with a different name while keeping the original worksheet name (without changes) at the same time, move your mouse over "File" immediately above the worksheet and click on "Save As".

Renaming a Worksheet

Just move your mouse over "File" and click on "Rename". This will change the name of your worksheet to the new name.

Read-only Worksheets

You can protect a specific worksheet by making it read–only. This means only you can make any changes to the worksheet, including adding or deleting products or changing quantities. This is a safe way for customers in larger accounts to keep one worksheet as a template and resave it under a different name. To change a worksheet's status to "read-only", move you mouse over the "Edit" menu and click on "Read Only".

Import Worksheets

TESSCO.com allows you to import a .CSV spreadsheet into a worksheet. Most spreadsheet editing software will save a spreadsheet to .CSV format. This feature is especially useful if you order frequently from a common list of products.

To begin, create a spreadsheet with at least two columns. The first column must be headed by "SKU" and the second headed by "QTY".

If you do not wish to add an item to your worksheet that is listed in the spreadsheet, leave the quantity column empty for the item. Only enter quantites for products you wish to add to the worksheet.

Next, begin a new TESSCO.com worksheet. Then move over the "File" menu and choose "Import". TESSCO.com will prompt you for a file name - browse to the .CSV spreadsheet file saved on your computer and choose "OK". Your spreadsheet wil be imported and the skus & quantities will be displayed on your new worksheet.

Export Worksheets

Many customers asked for the ability to convert a TESSCO.com worksheet into a spreadsheet. This can be accomplished using the Export tool. To create a spreadsheet:

  • "Confirm Price" on an existing worksheet with desired products already added.
  • Move your mouse over the "File" menu and choose "Export".
  • TESSCO.com will ask you to confirm your request to export the worksheet.
  • Select the option to either open or save the file to your computer.
  • If you choose open, you default spreadsheet software will open the newly created .CSV spreadsheet.
  • If you choose save, your computer will save the file to the location where downloads are stored.

The exported .csv files will have the following data points included:

  • TESSCO sku (part) number
  • Quantity
  • Short Description
  • List Price, Your Price, and Extended Price
  • Line Comments (if any)

Convert to Bill of Materials

To create your own BOM, just build a new Worksheet, open the "File" menu, and choose "Convert to Bill of Materials". You will then be able to name the BOM and provide a description for the custom BOM. Saving the BOM will provide an easy way to reorder a specific worksheet.

Edit a Worksheet

TESSCO.com provides a few actions that will allow you to customize your worksheet.

Delete Line(s)

Using the Delete Line(s) action in the Edit dropdown will provide you with the same action as the delete action presented on the left-most column of the worksheet.

Line Comment

You are able to add comments to the entire worksheet, as discussed above, additionally comments can be applied to an individual line. You can submit line comment(s) either within the line or above the line by selecting the radio button for the appropriate presentation. These comments will print through to the invoice.

Insert SKU

If you know the SKU you want to add, you can either place it above or below a line item by using the "Insert SKU" action. Using this action along with the Line Comments action you may be able to apply one comment to several items that are on a related project or by some other sort of organization that will aid in efficiency of your project.

Add BOMs to Worksheet

This action provides a process for you to either add BOMs you have created or default, pre-selected BOMs that we have created. These BOMs can be added at any time, to any worksheet.

View all the Saved Worksheets

Using the View dropdown you will be able to see all the saved worksheets, quotes, bill of materials, a printable version of the current worksheet and the order activity log.


The Worksheets page will present all the worksheets that you have saved but not completed from previous sessions on TESSCO.com. You will also be presented with the name of the worksheets and user who created the worksheet, the location the worksheet was drafted for, creation date, how many items are on the worksheet, and description if any was provided.


The Quotes page will present all quotes that have been created, saved and published by a TESSCO representative for you or someone under your account. These can be converted to an order by selecting a Quote and following the prompts to convert the quote into an order. To build a new quote please contact your TESSCO representative or call 800.472.7337

Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of related or frequently-used products that you can easily add to a worksheet. The list below is all of the BOMs that are assigned to your account or that have been selected by TESSCO to the market your account is assigned.

Printable Version

The printer-friendly action will present you with a web page formatted for printing. This page is designed to fit on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and will include worksheet content only.


Using the Tools dropdown you will be able to access the tools that TESSCO has created to increase your productivity and help in completing orders.

Cable Wizard

The TESSCO.com cable wizard helps a customer select and configure a custom cable assembly. The wizard walks you through selecting a cable, adding one or more connectors, and choosing installation options. When finished, a configured cable assembly is added to the worksheet.

Send the Worksheet

E-mail Your Worksheet

Once you've confirmed your price and availability you can share your work with others via email. Above the worksheet, move your mouse over the "Send" menu and click on "Email". You will then be prompted to enter an email address.

Need Help?

Under the Help dropdown is a Worksheet Help action which will return you to this tutorial for any questions you may have.