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Two Way and Critical Communications

Ensure Your Mobile Technicians Have What They Need

TESSCO provides a wide range of products to keep your mobile workers connected. From antennas and amplifiers to computer mounts and delay timers, TESSCO has all the equipment you need. But getting your mobile workforce on the road, and keeping them productive, takes more than just good communications products.

Whether you're upfitting a new fleet of vehicles, or stocking your technicians' vans, TESSCO has the tools and supplies you need. Save time, money, and aggravation by relying on TESSCO as Your Total Source®. Through value-added services such as custom equipment kits, purchasing portals, and sourcing partnerships, we help ensure that your projects always run smoothly.

Custom Kitting

Rather than simply compiling products, we simplify your supply chain by configuring project-specific solutions or even an "I forgot" kit to outfit every technician with commonly used items. Once your custom kit has everything you need, we can assign it a specific SKU for easy purchasing, tracking and invoicing.

  • Custom kitting, including die-cut tool cases
  • Easy, one-part-number ordering
  • Standard tools bundled with industry - specific equipment
  • Product portfolio includes specialty tools unavailable at retail outlets

Your Sourcing Partner

If a special or unusual product is required for a project, our sourcing specialists will partner with you to make it a part of your custom solution wherever possible. Need a leaf blower? No problem! Want to add a digital camera to your kit? We've got it covered.

  • Simplify your supply chain – purchase from one supplier, cut one PO, minimize employee reimbursements, and easily track full costs of projects
  • Control the cost of individuals making their own purchases at retail price
  • Minimize delays and keep projects on time
  • Eliminate inefficiency of time spent shopping at multiple stores

Just-in-Time Delivery

With projects scheduled and tight timelines to meet, our delivery guarantee ensures that individual products or project kits will be delivered complete, on time, and error free.

  • Minimize the cash you have tied up in on-hand stock of products
  • Eliminate time working with a variety of suppliers managing delays and re-stocks

Purchasing Portals

If you want your technicians or project managers to be able to order from a controlled portfolio, let TESSCO set up a custom Purchasing Portal for your company. We will develop a Web-based portal that allows you to determine product selection and lets individual technicians make purchases as needed. Instead of reimbursing employees one at a time, billing is centralized, and all orders are processed under the Terms and Conditions you have with TESSCO.

  • Control product selection
  • Control eligibility of employees
  • Standardize supplies and tools across employees
  • Centralize invoicing, Terms & Conditions, and pricing
  • Eliminate costly one-off employee reimbursements