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Gamber-Johnson Vehicle Mount Overview

Gamber-Johnson delivers a full line of vehicle laptop and computer mounts, two-way radio mounts & brackets, charging stations, equipment consoles and more. These high-quality mobile communications workstations and equipment docking brackets are the perfect solution for securing communications equipment in police and other emergency response vehicles.

Gamber-Johnson's car laptop mounts and vehicle computing components easily mix-and-match — making configuring mobile communications systems fast, easy and adaptable.

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Standard Laptop Mounting System

Unlike competitive models, Gamber-Johnson components easily mix and match to fit your needs. With the widest variety of stocked products, accessories and options, configuring your mounting system is that much easier.

The illustration on the left provides a little clarity of just how Gamber-Johnson laptop mounts are assembled. Each of the standard mounting systems are built from the “ground up”—consisting of a vehicle base, poles, motion attachments, docking station or cradle as well as keyboard and printer necessary. Gamber-Johnson also offers radio racks and sliding mounts for quick installation and removal of your radios.

Gamber-Johnson offers a complete line of modular mounting systems for a wide variety of vehicles. Constructing a computer mounting system is easier than you might think!

A typical mounting system consists of four components: 

  1. Vehicle Bases
    • The vehicle base secures the entire mounting system to the vehicle. All bases are constructed of heavy-duty steel for long-lasting use.
    • Some vehicle bases require drilling while some do not. If a lower tube is not already welded to the vehicle base, you will need to order it separately.
  2. Poles/Tubes
    • Poles are offered of varying height with reach of varying length. There are also several accessories that solve problems from quick-release to vibration.
    • Lower and upper tube assembly options are available, depending on the type of base you select.
  3. Motion Attachments 
    • Motion attachments join the pole and the computer mount together.
    • The motion attachment provides tilting, swiveling, sliding and extending capability.
  4. Computer Cradle
    • The universal computer mount is the preferred solution for safely securing laptop computers in vehicles.
    • Computer Cradles adjust to fit the width, depth and thickness dimensions of virtually any laptop, sub-notebook or pen computer available.
    • Products that provide regulated voltage and additional ports can be combined with the universal computer mount to provide greater computing capabilities while on the road.
    • Specific mobile computer solutions and docking stations are full-featured and designed specifically for in-vehicle use.

     Optional Accessories

  • Keyboard and printer mounts are available to complete your computer mounting system.
  • Other add-on accessories, such as braces, microphone clips, lights, and others are also available.

Gamber-Johnson Magnesium Docking Stations

Toughbook Laptop Docking Stations

Gamber-Johnson is the leading manufacturer of in-vehicle Toughbook docking stations. As such, the company now offers docking stations for all popular Toughbook models.

Lightweight, Yet Exceptionally Strong Magnesium Computer Docks

Gamber Johnson car laptop mount

The patent-pending Gamber Johnson magnesium laptop docking station only weighs around six pounds, so it is less top-heavy, less likely to vibrate and compounds the strength of the mounting solution as a whole, which means less wear and tear on your computer and its connections.

Magnesium offers improved strength and heat absorption with 33% less weight than steel. The interlocking mechanism protects against connector damage and prevents engagements until properly mounted. This dock has forward-facing ports for low-mounting capability, minimal cable strain, and minimal swivel resistance. 

Pre-drilled holes align with all Gamber-Johnson motion attachments and a push-button lockable latch is an optional use and keyed alike. It includes Serial, Ethernet, USB 2.0 (4), external video, and sound in/out ports. Available with no RF pass-through ports, one port, or two ports.

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Universal Mounts

NotePad V Universal Vehicle Laptop Cradle

Universal Vehicle Laptop Mount

Gamber-Johnson announces the release of a new universal computer cradle, the NotePad V—a rugged mounting cradle for most of the computers currently in the marketplace today. The NotePad V is the latest universal computer cradle in a long line of industry-proven cradles from Gamber-Johnson. The new Notepad V is designed with five crucial areas of importance in mind:

  • Special “flanged” side clips provide for superior strength—computers cannot be removed by bending the side clip.
  • New, heavy-duty keyed lock securely closes chassis when activated.
  • T-molded polycarbonate covers hold clips in place during installation for easy height adjustment.
  • Reversible front and back supports adjust to accommodate narrower computers and netbooks.


  • No catch points, pinch points or sharp corners.


  • The smooth surface of the anodized aluminum finish, rounded edges, and sleek design, enhance user comfort and safety.


  • Simple, one-handed operation for inserting and removing the computer from the cradle.
  • Adjustments are made quickly and effortlessly.

TESSCO Takes the Guesswork Out of Adding a Laptop Mount  System in Your Vehicle!

One of the most difficult parts of installing a laptop mount into a vehicle is just figuring out which parts are required for the job!

Now TESSCO makes it easy by creating Gamber Johnson vehicle laptop mounting system packages that include everything needed to get you up and running. Bundles have been created for the most popular vehicles that include the vehicle base, poles, motion attachment, support braces, and a universal docking cradle allows virtually any laptop to be mounted securely. Don't see the vehicle that you're looking for or need options that aren't part of the bundle? Call your TESSCO sales rep to configure a system just for you!

Mounting a Laptop in Your Vehicle is a Snap!

Gamber-Johnson’s new universal laptop seat mount system can be used in any vehicle and with virtually all full-size notebook computers. This patent-pending design transforms your passenger seat into a firm and secure base for your mobile computer.

The universal Seatmount is designed to maximize user comfort. The arm assembly allows the mount to be rotated towards the driver for best access during use. The computer can also be tilted and swiveled to a desired position to optimize typing comfort. Easily remove and install into other vehicles on your fleet!

How it Works!

Simply slide the anchor plate between the seat and seatback and tighten by pulling the nylon seatbelt straps in the front of the Seatmount — That’s it your laptop is now secure!

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Two-Way Radio In-Vehicle Console Boxes

Mission Control Console Box Series

The Mission Control Series in-vehcle radio communication equipment console boxes for voice and data communications provides modular mounting options to meet your specific needs and preferences for securing equipment outside the air bag deployment zone. No Holes Bored vehicle bases allow you to mount EPIC console boxes or radio brackets.