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Music as Motivation: Audio Accessories for Fitness

The New Year is around the corner and that means plenty of customers with a new commitment to fitness. In addition to fitness trackers and the usual workout accessories, be sure to include audio solutions for the active user in your post-holiday inventory.

Weight loss and improved fitness are among the most popular New Year’s Resolutions every year, and every January shoppers stock up on the tools they’ll need to hit the gym. Right alongside them will be their smartphones, which have begun to play a crucial role in many people’s workouts: tracking progress, providing guidance, and of course, streaming music.

A favorite playlist isn’t just about passing time on the treadmill, though. Music is proven to impact performance. According to research by Peter C. Terry of University of Southern Queensland and Costas I. Karageorghis from Brunel University West London, music provides tangible benefits in performance by distracting athletes from their tiredness and pain. It also offers improved motivation and gives the listener more enjoyment from their activity, while increasing their efficiency.

By heading into the New Year’s Resolution season equipped with this knowledge, and a store merchandised to reflect it, you can capitalize on the connection between music and fitness, while also helping your customers meet their goals. Stock up on headphones designed for sports, with features like sweat and water resistance and proper fit, and be sure you have multiple options to recommend for every customer. Establishing a fitness focused display, where you include wearables, armbands, and headphones is also a great way to create the connection for your customers between their workout plans and their audio needs.

Your customers are going to be newly dedicated to their fitness, and their almost certainly going to want their music or favorite podcasts to keep them going. Show them you know just what they need and continue your strong sales from holiday straight through into the new year.

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