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TESSCO Customer Roundtable Offers Retailer Solutions

TESSCO recently hosted a roundtable of some of our top customers during our TESSCO One Regional Symposium in Dallas.  Topics included strategy and best practices for retail, with customers sharing their firsthand experiences. The biggest key takeaway was the challenges faced by retailers competing with online sellers. Some of the ways in which retailers meet those challenges include:

  • Carry brands with value, where MSRPs are similar online and in-store.
  • Offer added services like installing screen protectors, putting on cases, etc.
  • Leverage customer desire for instant gratification, always have stock.
  • Train associates to deliver knowledge and guidance customers can’t get online.
  • Discount product bundles, be a one-stop shop for customers and offer discounts when they buy a full package.
  • Carry only brand protected products that are less readily available online and whose MSRPs are more controlled.
  • Stock multiple brands across multiple price points in each category and stock brands with quality packaging that tells the story.
  • Utilize social media marketing efforts to promote visibility and awareness of your store and your offers.
  • Develop the knowledge of specific associates in each category to create in-store experts.
  • Attention to retail execution, including a dedicated employee focused on store planning.
  • Incentivize store managers and auditors to execute plans.
  • Potentially utilize a 3rd party company to execute store plans.
  • Involve store managers in planogram decisions to drive ownership.

The biggest benefit customers get from an in-store experience is the one-on-one attention and service. Delivering a friendly, helpful, accessible store experience will entice shoppers to choose you over an online option.

Our TESSCO One Regional Symposium is part of our series of TESSCO One Innovation Conferences and Showcases. The main event in 2017 takes place April 4-5 in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information or to register visit www.tessco-one.com.