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Ventev’s Concealed Wi-Fi Antennas Provide Aesthetically Pleasing, High-Performance Deployments

Ventev recently announced the release of two antennas uniquely designed for today's enterprise environments where aesthetics and high-performance Wi-Fi are equally important. Today's hospitality, education and public venues require more than basic Wi-Fi coverage to handle the increasing demands of their workforce. Enterprise network administrators must provide network infrastructure that ensures capacity for large groups of Wi-Fi users and their organizations want that infrastructure to "blend" inconspicuously into their workplace environments. Ventev's two new products address both those needs.

Ventev's new Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna offers first-to-market, 'bottom-up' connectivity to the Wi-Fi network in raised-floor environments. The Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna combines Ventev's TerraWave proprietary patent pending antenna technology within Haworth® TecCrete® Access Flooring. The dual-band, 3/6 dBi gain, omnidirectional antenna is embedded within a 24" x 24" concrete flooring panel, and when installed under carpeting and flooring finishes, provides out of sight connectivity with excellent performance.

In addition to improving aesthetics, the antenna offers flexible placement anywhere within the floor grid, allowing precise positioning to achieve optimum Wi-Fi coverage and capacity. It can also be relocated or replaced without requiring major construction if space or technology needs change in the future.

The second of Ventev's latest innovations, the patent-pending Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna also enables concealed, high-performance Wi-Fi. The Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna is a directional antenna housed within a standard three-gang electrical box. Once installed into the drywall, it looks like any standard junction box cover. It can even be painted with non-metallic paint to match the wall.

The Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna includes extra-long, 6' leads to connect to a nearby access point. The antenna within the junction box articulates 0-45 degrees for optimum coverage and capacity from any location in the drywall.

Like most Ventev products, the new, aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi antennas are available for popular access points.

"Access to Wi-Fi used to be a nice-to-have amenity; now it is a requirement in every environment," said Ventev Vice President, Jeff Lime. "Building engineers, developers and architects are challenged to provide aesthetically pleasing installations that ensure the coverage needed for Wi-Fi users. Ventev is pleased to introduce these innovative new Wi-Fi antennas to meet their challenges."

Ventev offers a portfolio of aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi products and solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. Products include Small Form Factor antennas that are half the size of typical antennas, and specially designed mounts and enclosures that can conceal and camouflage Wi-Fi. To view Ventev's entire portfolio, visit www.ventev.com/infra/aesthetics.