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VR & Drones Bring High Tech into Homes

It wasn’t long ago that virtual reality and drones were part of science fiction. But their presence in everyday life has continued to grow and now they are more accessible than ever, transforming the way consumers create and enjoy content.

Virtual Reality is the next generation of entertainment and will inform customer purchases in the future as gaming, television, movies, and more become more mobile, more immersive, and more interactive. Stocking accessories to complete the full VR ecosystem will maximize sales and provide complete solutions for your customer.

The complete VR Ecosystem includes VR goggles or headset, either LG or Samsung compatible or universal for iPhone or a variety of devices, Bluetooth Headphones for audio immersion, gaming controllers for a console-quality experience anywhere, and 360-degree cameras to produce original content made for VR viewing.

VR is a growing trend and offering a range of options in the market will make your store a destination for shoppers. In addition to gaming and entertainment, 360-degree cameras are the new home movie. Help your customers document life’s most important moments completely, so they can relive them like the first time every time and share the experience with others.

Alongside VR, drones have taken the place of model airplanes in the hobbyist world and have expanded the common consumers ability to take in their world from every angle, both from air and land.

The landscape of the drone market includes aerial, land, and water drones at a wide range of price points and from smaller brands as well as better known companies who also produce professional-quality options. This variety gives users of every level the ability to identify the ideal choice based on budget, intended use, and features. With options like built-in HD cameras and on-board memory for storing and transferring videos and photos, the possibilities go far beyond simply flying or driving a remote controlled vehicle. Increased demand has also caused premium brands that produce professional-quality drones, like Parrot, to enter into the hobbyist market. This results in the trickle down of technological advancements, bringing some of the features found on professional drones to the masses at giftable, impulse purchase price points. It has also seen new companies jump into the mix with budget-friendly choices, like Xtreme, which produces entry-level drones that provide a great introduction to the technology.

It isn’t often a technology trend as new and transformative as VR or drones comes into the market. Having these two growing simultaneously is evidence of the continued advancement of consumer technologies and there is no telling what the future might hold, so staying informed and on the cutting edge is the greatest key to capitalizing on whatever’s next.


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