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Vacation Must-Haves to Take Along & Leave Behind

Summer vacations can be stressful. There’s so much prepping and packing, trying not to forget anything, and then there’s the prospect of leaving a home unattended for possibly weeks at a time. Fortunately, there are a wide range of wireless device accessories that can make trips easier on the road and deliver peace of mind that everything’s in order back at home.

Whether it’s a weekend at the beach or a month-long tour of Europe, it’s critical to be prepared for anything, especially weather. Waterproof accessories will keep devices working through every rain storm or seaside splash. Stock up on waterproof storage bags for phones and tablets to keep customers’ devices dry, and rugged waterproof speakers and headphones to keep them entertained even through the rain.

For the hikers and bikers, even if the weather is clear, a rugged case is a must have to protect against drops and falls and a portable charger will keep them powered up. There’s nothing worse than being miles into a hike and losing that connection to the outside world. For maximum safety and function, a tough case from LifeProof and a versatile portable charger should be in every traveler’s pack.

You can also help your vacationing customers rest easy knowing their homes are safe and sound with connected home accessories. A Wi-Fi thermostat will help ensure they return home to a comfortable house, no matter how long they’re gone, and conserve energy when they’re away. For security, a Wi-Fi connected camera will let them keep an eye on things from a distance and never have to worry about someone taking advantage of their absence.

Everybody heads out on summer vacation to relax and unwind. Make it easier on your customers with the perfect accessories for every travel need.

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