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Electrostatic Discharge Solutions

ESD Solutions


Static electricity, the buildup of electrical charges on the surface of an object or material, is a serious problem. Significant risks occur when large charges accumulate in the presence of sensitive materials or devices. These charges cause damage to electronic equipment. TESSCO carries antistatic products plus everything else you need for your workstation, including the bench.


Static Mats and Runners

These Vinyl 3-Layer Static Dissipative Table Mats are designed to meet your everyday static protection needs at the bench. Your mat features an easy-to-clean top layer of static dissipative vinyl. The bottom layer provides a durable, non-slip dissipative foam. Sandwiched between, a highly conductive center dissipates static quickly and effectively. These mats meet EOS/ESD Standards, conform to MIL-Standards, have a surface resistivity 10^7-10^9 ohm/sq, and are made in the USA.

Static Accessories

ESD anti static accessories such as mounts, gloves, lab jackets and cases complete the items that are needed for antistatic protection.

Static Wrist and Foot Straps

Wrist Strap is designed for rework and production areas. The wrist strap assembly meets EOS/ESD Standards, MIL-STD-1686, and is made in the USA.

Static Tapes and Labels

Protect your Products by notifying Staff and visitors that Static Control Precautions are required.

Static Shielding Bags

Metal-In Static Shielding Bags are your economical electronics packaging alternative where reusing bags is not a prime consideration. Your bags feature an aluminum vapor coating on half-mil polyester, bonded These bags are amine-free, non-corrosive and meet EIA-541 definition for static shielding/dissipative packaging. Made in the USA

Static Testers

The testing of you static protection is important to insure that no damage is done and all grounding products are functioning properly.

Static Cleaners

Anti Static cleaners are required to clean surfaces and reduce the generation of Static electricity. They leave an antic static agent which reduces static build up.

Workstations You Configure

TESSCO will assist you in configuring your new work station. We make it easy—5 steps and you can configure the Stand-Alone C-LEG Station shown. The C-Leg is constructed of 12 and 14-gauge steel with a hearty Epoxy Powder Coat Finish to help protect against scratches, bumps and nicks common in production facilities. The C-Leg bench surface height is adjustable from 30" to 36" and has a weight capacity of 750 lbs. Start with your base bench and then simply pick and choose the components you need to build your bench.

Soldering and Desoldering Equipment

In addition to ESD products, we are also able to provide with the most modern and state of the art soldering equipment.