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Grounding and Lightning Protection

TESSCO is Your Total Source® for Grounding Solutions. That's why TESSCO offers a full line of grounding and surge protector products from leading manufacturers. Protect your investment with our full range of lightning arrestors and testing products.

Grounding Overview

With copper and steel making up most of the material used on a standard wireless site, your investment of up to one million dollars in equipment is susceptible to damage caused by a lightning strike. While no grounding system can fully protect a site from a direct strike, a properly grounded site can limit damage to a minimum.  From ground kits for cable to exothermic connections to your site's ground ring, TESSCO can provide a solution that will help protect your site.

Grounding a Site

Electricity is looking for the simplest path to the Earth. At a non-grounded site, the simplest path for electricity starts with the copper coaxial cable and leads right through the site’s equipment to the grounded power source, destroying virtually everything in its path. A properly grounded site creates a simpler, straighter path for the electricity to follow to the Earth’s surface that bypasses the site’s equipment.