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Harger Theft Deterrent Ground Bar System

Theft Deterrent Ground Bar System

Harger Lightning and Grounding has been a leader in the grounding and lightning protection industries since 1960. Harger leads the way in lightning protection/grounding products for the telecommunications industry. Harger and TESSCO are unmatched in commitment to customer satisfaction.

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New Pricing on Harger Products!

New Pricing on Harger Products!

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Ultraweld UltraShot

Harger UltraShot

Harger UltraShot Demonstration Video
Just five steps to the pefect connection with this new addition to the Harger exothermic product line.

The Exothermic Process Has Been Redefined

  • Easy five-step process for the perfect connection utilizes the patented drop-in cartridge for a no-mess, no-waste solution. Learn how (PDF).
  • Get the job done in half the time of the traditional exothermic welding process! Learn how to save up to $240 per day (PDF).
  • Rugged and reliable controller uses a rechargeable 12-volt battery good for up to 600 shots per charge, saving you thousands of dollars in disposable batteries. Learn how (PDF). 

UltraShot - An Innovative Breakthrough in Exothermic Welding

Harger introduces Ultrashot, an innovative breakthrough in exothermic welding.A major benefit of Harger's new UltraShot process is that the installation time is 40 percent to 50 percent faster than the traditional exothermic welding process. The time savings is due primarily to the drop-in copper weld metal container and the electronic ignition system. No longer will you have to insert the weld metal disk, pour in the weld metal powder, sprinkle on the starter material, and then use a flint igniter to fire the connection. Now, you simply drop in the weld metal cartridge, attach it to the igniter, and push the buttons! The end result is a faster, superior connection, and a cleaner mold. The 6-foot cord on the controller allows the user to maintain a safe distance from the connection as well.

The UltraShot controller is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, instead of AA batteries like other electronic exothermic systems on the market. This means that over the life span of the system, you could spend $63,000 in AA batteries  when using the competitor's system or instead save by using the UltraShot controller!

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Products Developed to Deter Theft

Theft Deterrent
Ground Bar System

The Theft Deterrent Ground Bar features several innovative features, making it harder to steal, and less valuable to a potential thief. It looks different from any other ground bar on the market.

Harder to Steal:

Designed to mount vertically to the most secure part of your communications site. This kit includes tamper resistant screws and an attachment bracket designed to bond exothermically to either a flat plate or a horizontal post that is 2 OD"-4 OD". Re-usable molds are available for either application.

Less Valuable to a Thief:

The bar is made from a ¼" X 4" x 23" tin-plated copper plate. It has 58 3/8" holes punched out of it. The words "STOLEN DO NOT RECYCLE" are stamped into the face of the bar. Because of its slim profile and since so much copper has been punched out of it, the actual copper content of the bar has been reduced to just under 4 lbs. Having the bar tin plated requires that a would-be recycler process the copper in a smelter to separate the tin from the copper, giving it an even lower scrap value.