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In Vehicle Mounts Types Uses and Tips

Vehicle Communications - Mobile AntennasAutomotive communication installation supplies and tools enable upfitters to properly install any type of mobile mount required to secure today's sophisticated mobile communication needs. You'll find everything thousands of choices from many trusted brands all under ONE roof for any type of mobile mounting application at TESSCO.

About Mobile Mounts

How to Find the Right Mobile Mounting Solution

  1. What is the vehicle make, model, and year?
  2. What type of seats are in the vehicle?
  3. Is the shifter located on the floor or the steering column?
  4. What type/model of equipment is being mounted;
    computer or radio?
  5. Will the customer allow drilling into the vehicle?

Computer Mounts

Constructing a computer mounting system is easier than you might thinkComponents mix and match easily. A typical mounting system consists of four components:

1. Vehicle Bases

The vehicle base secures the entire mounting system to the vehicle. Some vehicle bases require drilling while some do not; most are vehicle specific.

2. Poles/Tubes

Poles are offered in varying heights with reach of varying lengths. There are also several accessories that solve problems such as quick-release and vibration.

3. Motion Attachments

Motion attachments join the pole and the computer mount together. The motion attachment provides tilting, swiveling, sliding and extending capability.

4. Computer Cradle or Dock

Universal computer cradles are a preferred solution for safely securing laptop computers in vehicles; they adjust to fit the width, depth and thickness dimensions.

Docking cradles are available which are computer specific holders that utilize the manufacturers port replicator.

Docking stations are computer specific and have the port replicator built in; power supplies are optional, as well as RF pass through.

Optional Accessories
  • Keyboard and printer mounts are available to complete your computer mounting system.
  • Other add-on accessories, such as braces, screen supports, and lights are also available.

Radio Mounts

Building a radio mounting system is easy:

  1. Select a vehicle-specific leg kit.
  2. Choose the proper top plate for your vehicle.
  3. Pick the console box that best fits your needs; and choose radio- specific faceplates.
  4. Select needed accessories: armrest, cupholder, light assembly, microphone clip, etc.

Mounting Installation Tips

Wiring Installations of Mobile Docking Stations

  • Use correct gauge of wire; small gauge wiring cannot carry high loads.
  • Use dedicated 12-volt DC power source.
  • Stay away from using OEM wiring to wire aftermarket electronic devices.
  • Never tap into or wire tie to yellow air bag wires.
  • For wire protection, use heat shrink tubing, plastic zip ties, and split loom.
  • Avoid using black electrical tape; the tape cracks when it is cold outside and melts or unravels when hot.
  • Leave plenty of wiring service loop - four to six inches at the docking station; this practice helps to prevent damage to wiring or cables.