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Modular RF Power Amplifiers


TPL MAS Series RF Amplifiers

Rack space is usually hard to find in a busy radio room. There are many advantages to having a separate power supply for each DC componet in your system. However, power supplies can take up a lot of room. Modular power supplies allow you to keep to a policy of separate supplies whlie reducung the amount of rack space required. The MAS Series is capable of housing up to 5 amplifier modules in a 19" horizontal rack, while only using 7" of vertical rack space. Each amplifier module has a circuit breaker/on-off switch located on the front panel, along with two LED indicators for DC and RF Power, and two cooling fans. An optional power supply unit, with the ability to house up to five power suplies, is available in a 5 1/4" high by 19" wide rack mount enclosure.