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NCTC Membership Break Tradition With Wireless Technology


TESSCO and the National Cable Television Cooperative, (NCTC), team to help NCTC Members deploy wireless technology. Wireless Broadband can help an Independent Carrier compete and drive new opportunities at the edge of its network and beyond. The demand made by businesses and residential subscribers for access to networks and information that are always available is pushing NCTC Members to move into a space where traditional cable technologies converge with wireless networks. For some service providers this is unfamiliar territory that was often deemed a barrier to entry, beyond their scope, and too risky.

However, the NCTC knows that TESSCO is an excellent technology ally. TESSCO's affiliation with the NCTC gives you access to wireless products, information, and resources that will enable you to expand your services offered, reduce the risk associated with new technology, and position you to win in an ever-increasingly competitive market. TESSCO offers wireless broadband solutions from the leading premier wireless manufacturers, supporting everything you need to make wireless work for you:

  • Increase the revenue from your subscribers
  • Deliver new services to customers beyond your physical plant
  • Gain new subscribers through new service offerings
  • Prevent churn; create sticky, high-quality service

Advancements in wireless technology, combined with TESSCO's expertise, deliver intrinsic benefits when compared to wire-line technologies, including:

  • Rapid deployment and redeployment (reuse), permitting nimble growth in response to demand for broadband
  • Lower-cost infrastructure means rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Wireless today supports video, VoIP, and data services
  • Enables new services which adds value to the subscriber relationship, preventing churn
  • Creates new revenue streams in days not months

Where's the opportunity?

  • Wi-Fi: Hot Spots and Mesh: Do you have clients wanting to offer their customers a broadband experience? You can deploy Wi-Fi as a commercial service or as a hosted application. Depending on your location, you can turn-up public venues within or outside of your core network. Your business model can vary from providing the service to commercial customers to resell, or providing coverage to your existing residential customers at select locations.
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband Access (Point to Multipoint): Like your traditional physical plant, a wireless point-to-multipoint network can service areas comprising thousands of user nodes with distances of up to five miles. The installation is fast; and for a fraction of a comparable fiber plant. Once you establish the connectivity, you can, over time, create new service bundles and content models as needed to meet market trends and demand.
  • Wireless Backhaul/ Leased-Line Replacement (Point-to-Point): Providing access via a wireless backhaul is an established and well-proven application. Commercial accounts now have options for rural locations without high-speed infrastructure or expensive leased-line contracts. From WLAN and Internet access, to wireless cellular backhaul, both line-of-sight (LOS) and near-line-of-site (nLOS) applications can secure lucrative service contracts for NCTC Members. Wireless can also be used to provide true diversity, (both technology and path), for existing mission-critical, wire-line connections.

These are three, easy-to-implement, wireless applications for the NCTC Member wanting to extend their network reach. They cover both commercial and residential customers and provide quick ROI. Most of the components that are needed are off -the-shelf and built on proven wireless standards.

Next Steps:

So how does it work? The NCTC's partnership with TESSCO allows all NCTC Members to access TESSCO's total-source wireless offering. Members receive preferential pricing and access to world-class pre- and post-sales support. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Learn more about wireless from TESSCO. Our Resources Center is available for your use to learn and expand your knowledge of all things wireless. Our product portfolio from infrastructure cabling and materials, to the latest broadband radio technology, will have you thinking wireless.

Step 2: Start solving your problems with wireless technology. Whether you're researching microwave or Wi-Fi, TESSCO's experts are ready to help with designs, bills of material, and supply chain services. Of course it also takes a lot of wire to make wireless work, and TESSCO can support many, if not all, of your cable and infrastructure needs as well.

Step 3: Once you have your requirements, reach out to your NCTC representative to place your order and get the best pricing and personal support. TESSCO works with the NCTC to offer solutions that meet your business needs, as well as a smooth transaction on every purchase.

Contact TESSCO through your NCTC Account Manager, or if you have a project on which you need help, let TESSCO help. Call TESSCO directly at 800.472.7373 and be sure that when calling, you indicate your NCTC membership.