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Portable Power

          Why do your customers need portable power?

  • Wall and car chargers only work when an outlet/power source is available.
  • Mobile devices are the hub of a consumer's life: no power = no communication, no business, no music, no GPS.
  • Portable power gives users the freedom of power anytime, anywhere.
  • Consumers are mobile, their devices are mobile, and their power needs to be mobile too.

Consumer Situations:

Business Traveler

College Student

Busy Parent

A salesperson is working on their phone or tablet while waiting for a flight. All the power outlets are taken and their device battery is about to die just as they are finishing an important report. Power panic is setting in as they search the terminal for any open outlet.

An increasing number of college students are using their smartphone or tablet to help with their school efforts and they can't afford to have their phone die during a critical lecture, but most classrooms are not fitted with power outlets for every student. Students also spend their days walking across campus to different buildings and classes and don't have time to stop to find an outlet to charge their devices.

Running from activity to activity, hitting the field to watch their kids' baseball and soccer games and running errands – parents are constantly on-the-go and they can't afford to miss phone calls and text messages, especially in an emergency. Unfortunately, they don't always have the time to wait for their device to charge at home and they may not have access to an outlet when they are out-and-about.   

myCharge Amp Plus

The Amp Plus features a high density 4400 mAh battery, providing about 22 additional hours of usage for your mobile phone.

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mophie Power reserve 2X Rose Gold

Compact and easy to carry anywhere, the 2X battery delivers two full charges to your smartphone.

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