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Battery Pack Capacity Guide

Even the most innovative and exciting device needs to be charged. Knowing the best solution for each customer and device, and having a store stocked with the right products for a wide range of needs, will help you accommodate every shopper and increase your add-on sales. Use our helpful guide to identify the capabilities and applications for each level of backup battery so you can build a comprehensive offer.

These are not the only sizes of portable batteries but provide a good baseline of the capabilities of each size. Learn what devices your customers use most and identify the ideal size of backup battery to give them peace of mind and give you the perfect must-have accessory for everyone.

Recommended Charging Solutions


3,000mAH Solution
Ventev powercell 3015+

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6,000mAH Solution
Belkin Power Rockstar
6600 Rose Gold

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10,000mAH Solution
mophie powerstation 5X

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myCharge Simple Power Red
Samsung 2100mAh Battery Blue

The Portable 2100 mAh Battery Pack from Samsung is a convenient, pocketable solution for when you need extra charge for a night out.

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