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Range To Fault for PIM Testing

Range To Fault (RTF) is an exciting new technology from Kaelus that enables operators to accurately measure the location of PIM and Return Loss faults in their RF infrastructure. Reflection data together with PIM data provides an unmatched level of clarity for identifying the location of faults in the RF path.

The RTF system consists of an RTF Module, interconnecting cables and a "RTF Enabled" iQA series PIM test instrument. Customers can purchase a new "RTF Enabled" PIM test analyzer from Kaelus or upgrade their existing A or B Series iQA test equipment to support RTF measurements. Please contact your TESSCO Account Manager for additional information.

  • Accurately identify the location of PIM and Return Loss faults in the RF path
  • Overlay PIM and Return Loss vs. distance data for enhanced troubleshooting capability
  • Compatible with any “RTF Enabled” iQA series PIM test instrument from Kaelus
  • Factory upgrades available for existing A and B Series iQA test instruments
  • Simple to operate, highly intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Quickly switch between different test modes without disconnecting the line under test
  • Speeds site repairs by guiding operators to the location of PIM faults
  • Before PIM testing, the RTF Module performs a Return Loss safety check to warn the operator before transmitting high RF power into a poor match


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