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Secure Economical Solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an element of the Smart Grid that can optimize energy consumption to create considerable cost savings for both the utility and its customers. While a cellular data network is an optimal solution to support AMI data access, it is still a relatively new concept for most industrial markets. Such networks are sometimes viewed as being complex, expensive or unreliable, which prohibits some organizations from exploring deployment value. With continuing technological advancements and the proliferation of wireless coverage, today's cellular networks and Web-based management platforms have proven to be more secure and economical than typical land line networks.

Wireless automation solutions from Sixnet not only provide reliable cellular data access to remote industrial networks and devices, but also protect against unwanted intrusions. Built-in IP pass-through, VPN tunnel, IPSec and SSL capabilities ease deployment and reduce complexity. With "always-on" wireless connectivity, Sixnet's IndustrialPro™ cellular routers lower total cost of ownership by offering a reliably flexible solution for rugged, space-constrained environments.

SixView Manager™, Sixnet's Web-based remote management and control software, enables users to remotely access, configure, and manage critical device information such as connection status, IP address and RSSI — from a single console. Mass configuration, activation and device upgrade capabilities simplify the deployment and management of several, even thousands, of Sixnet routers. Troubleshooting is made easy through a user-friendly, customizable dashboard that highlights alerts in real time. Detailed diagnostics and key metric reports enable users to monitor devices for signal strength, data usage, and ESN/IMEI.

Combining secure Sixnet cellular routers with enterprise-class management software as part of an AMI deployment further optimizes energy consumption to save costs.

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