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Two Way Wireless Call Box Alert Solutions

TESSCO's full line of call boxes and related products provide a wide variety of solutions including remote monitoring, on-site communications, wireless access control, and crowd control.

Quick and Easy Wireless Remote Monitoring Systems

RF Call Boxes

Need a remote monitoring solution but not ready to invest in a complete SCADA or wireless camera system?

Complete monitoring solutions using call boxes and two-way radios can be installed for a fraction of the cost of SCADA. The Ritron Quick Talk call box, for instance, can be attached to any two-lead sensor and programmed to broadcast a pre-recorded message when triggered. Using a vehicle sensor probe, an announcement of a vehicle approaching a remote gate could be sent over the two-way radio Vehicle Sensor Probefrequencies.

Wireless voice call boxes are another easy way to enhance a security system. These call boxes can monitor the changes in status of any switch closure or sensor then and transmit user-recordable voice alert messages over existing two-way radio systems. Placing one on a locked gate or door allows visitors to get in touch with security personnel without requiring someone to be stationed at the location.

On-Site Communications

RF Call BoxesRF Call Boxes provide single button access to two-way radio systems. Housed in weatherproof, vandal-resistant enclosures, the these calls boxes are ideal for both public access and industrial applications. Whether being used as a delivery bay to alert personnel a shipment has arrived, or as a stationary communications device on a manufacturing plant floor, RF Call Boxes provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for communicating on-site.

Economical Remote Monitoring

Ritron TeleSwitchWhen hard wiring is impractical

or impossible, the Ritron TeleSwitch is ideal for any application where a contact closure is needed. Housed in a rugged, weather-proof enclosure, the TeleSwitch allows you to remotely control a light, turn a pump on or off, activate a siren, etc., simply by transmitting the appropriate DTMF code.

Ritron GateGuard packageWireless Access Control

Use Call Boxes to manage an unmanned entrance. Ritron's GateGuard packages, allow visitors to alert guards when they arrive at a gate or locked entrance. The guard, from a different location, can clear the visitor and remotely unlock the gate to allow access to a facility. .