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Wireless Workforce

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Work is no longer a destination. It's the thing you do — and more often than not, today you do it wirelessly anywhere/anytime. The ability to access networks using mobile devices that function as-needed on-demand is critical to productivity.

Wireless Workforce is TESSCO's offer to Commercial and Government End-Users and Value-Added-Resellers to support the functionality of mobile devices in the service of worker productivity.

Wireless Workforce provides:

  • Access to the knowledge of TESSCO experts who have assembled a complete offer that includes appropriate solutions from both Infrastructure and Device Accessory manufacturers
  • Simplified and easy access to these solutions
  • Wireless Workforce showcases recommended products that are:
    • Enterprise grade for a specific device
    • Appropriate for a specific work environment and/or use case
  • Supply Chain simplification
    • Tap the Total Source power of TESSCO- The Power of One Source
    • Eliminate endless individual user expense submissions for random products purchased at retail price
    • Eliminate the real costs of using multiple suppliers
    • Leverage the purchasing power and advantage of a TESSCO corporate account

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