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If you’re supporting an educational institution that is applying for E-Rate funding or if you’re applying yourself, Tessco can make your project filing simple and seamless with our combination of access, expertise, and services.

Trust Tessco to Make a Difference in Your Success

Reliable, robust connectivity is crucial in academic settings. Leave nothing to chance and let Tessco to make a positive difference in the success of your project. We can help you build and maintain state-of-the-art wireless networks for your school or campus with:

  • A Dedicated School/Campus Support Team. Tessco has more than 450 manufacturers, a SPIN Number (#143047990) to support E-Rate filing, a variety of nationwide contracts, and value added partners for maintenance and installation. Tessco facilitates the decision making process, helps clarify communications needs and has the flexibility to support the unique needs of your school or campus.

  • Experienced Solutions Architects. Our team of sales engineers will discuss your project requirements, collaborate on product selection, and ensure you're not missing any critical elements. With 200+ combined years of industry experience, our architects provide valuable insight with hardware selection across environments and ensure your solution is fielded on time and on budget, with the lowest total cost. We have decades of experience supporting projects including Wi-Fi networks, public safety DAS, LMR and more.

  • A Commitment to Going Above & Beyond. In addition to helping you design a solution, choose the right products, and identify partners to implement your solution, we can help you navigate the complicated world of solution sourcing and implementation. We can aid in securing additional funding, training on new equipment, providing post-sale warranty support, and more. We are ready to serve your needs – down to the smallest detail.

Let Tessco be the trusted difference in the success of your school- or campus-wide project. Contact our dedicated Education/Government team at 866.817.5367 or govleads@tessco.com.

Current Contract List

Tessco directly participates in over 100 federal, state, and local contracts. Find the most recent list here. (last updated November 2016).

We're adding more contracts every day. If you don't see your purchasing contract listed, feel free to drop us a note at govleads@tessco.com to find out if we have recently added it.


  1. File Form 470 describing who you are and what your project will include.
  2. File Form 471 and collect vendor bids within 28 days.
  3. Program Integrity Audit – your application is reviewed and a Funding Commitment Decision Letter is sent at the conclusion.
  4. File Form 486 to start funding.
  5. Determine your invoicing: Form 472 BEAR or Form 474 SPI. When you can begin your project will be impacted by which invoicing option you use.
  6. Begin your project!

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