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Brand Protection Program

The Brand Protection Program was created in response to the need for our manufacturers to protect themselves from product price degradation and product devaluation in the marketplace. In order to protect their brand and market value, manufacturers are looking to their distribution partners to help them control who can sell and how they can sell, specifically as it relates to online sales. Tessco's goal is to protect our manufacturers' value, and in turn, our customers' business by ensuring the integrity of the brands we sell.

Each manufacturer's approach to brand protection is different and customized per their specific approval criteria.

By applying for any of the Manufacturers listed below, it is expected you will adhere to the requirement that none of their products be sold online.

These manufacturers require the use of a separate online application process:

Use the Tessco Authorized Dealer Application for these manufacturers:

Tessco Authorized Dealer Application

Note: Some vendors may require you to complete additional documents or forms.

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