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Tessco understands your needs and we go above and beyond to support your success. As Your Total Source® for everything wireless, we can design, develop, and deliver a complete, end-to-end solution that gets your project done, on-time and on-budget, no matter the scale.

Tessco believes in the “Power of One:” a single source for the knowledge, products, programs, and exceptional customer service that combine to deliver the best total solution for your business. Our relationships with hundreds of the industry’s best manufacturers let us offer countless options for every need, and our knowledgeable team members can help you find the right solution whatever your needs. Can’t find something that works for your unique situation? We’ll customize a solution that addresses your specific challenges and we’ll make sure you’re able to deploy, on-time and within your budget. From products to expertise in systems design, training and education, financing, post-sales support, and more, our job is to make it easier for you to do your job. Your success is our success.

Velocitel & Tessco

Learn how Tessco helped Velocitel overcome challenges and meet their construction schedule with a comprehensive solution.

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Solution Architecture

Tessco has a team of Solution Architects with direct industry experience to support every Tessco system. They take our customers' unique requirements and turn them into custom solutions.

Whether you need a full system design or just need to solve a particular issue our Solution Architects can help review your entire network architecture and develop the bill of materials.

Solution Architects

Over 200 years of industry experience across all:

  • Tier 1 and regional cellular carriers
  • Major wireless ISPs
  • Major manufacturing partners

Consultations are available upon request to assist with hardware selection across environments and intangibles to ensure your solution is built and delivered on time, on budget and at the lowest total cost.

System Design Support

Tessco designers use industry-standard software tools and can provide a complete bill of materials, link budget calculations and graphical design layouts for every system Tessco supports and sells, including:

  • Path calculations, determining the proper configuration for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems based on site locations and throughput requirements.
  • Tower calculations, determining the proper tower based on wind and ice loading. PE Stamped Drawings are available to secure proper build permits for towers.
  • Battery backup systems and solar powered systems for remote sites.
  • Complete security camera systems.
  • In-building iBwave certified designs with heat maps and schematics including a complete bill of materials.

Solution Development

When you're pulling together a full solution, consult our Solution Architects on all the pieces required. This team of sales engineers will discuss your project requirements, collaborate on product selection, and ensure you're not missing any critical elements.

FCC License Coordination

This FCC License Coordination Service applies to all of Tessco's licensed-radio manufacturers. The service includes:

  • Frequency Coordination
  • Preparation and release of a Prior Coordination Notice (PCN)
  • PCN Modification
  • PCN Renewal
  • Interference Case Resolution
  • Issue Supplemental Showing
  • Preparation of FCC license application (Form 601)
  • Preparation of FCC construction completion notice (Schedule K)

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System Design


Contact one of our Solutions Architects to have a customized solution created that fits your specific network needs.

 Broadband Network Design

 DAS/In-Building Coverage Enhancement

 Wi-Fi Design Form

 Custom Tower Design

 Power Systems Design

Form  Wireless Video Surveillance System Form

Product Selection Tools

We recognize the complexity of finding the right products for your project. We've developed tools that can make your job much faster and easier.

Gear   Online Tower Selector

Gear  Solar Power System Selector


Supply Chain Architecture

Tessco can bring our services to you with more than 200 local depots across the country that deliver what you need, when and where you need it. With our full suite of supply chain services, we can help put together even the most complex wireless projects from start to finish, including:

  • Kitting and configuring your BOM

  • Providing comprehensive planning services and program management

  • Giving you total oversight of your inventory with our OASIS system

  • Delivery Solutions to meet your needs

As Your Total Source™, Tessco gives you the control and confidence to know your project will be delivered on-time with all the materials you need to build your wireless network.

TESSCO's Depot Services provide warehousing services at hundreds of locations around the country, so we can keep your products near your site wherever it might be.

Tessco is your all-in-one supply chain solution.

From project design to deployment, our programs offer:

Program Management

  • Single POC for issues resolution, location set-up, user set-up, and reporting requests and centralized communications.
  • Standardized controls and processes for material ordering, release, pickup, and goods issue that meet unique requirements.
  • Automated notification of all material receipts, movements, and issues.
  • Material cost tracking by site allocation and consumption.
  • Facilitation of resolution of material quality issues.
  • Tracking and reporting of material status and QOH by warehouse, site, material type, and allocation bucket.
  • Tracking and reporting of material consumption.
  • Flexible reporting platforms (standard, custom, and on-demand reporting).
  • User configured reports.
  • Automated generation/delivery of reports.
  • Real time update of inventory status reflected in reporting.
  • Visibility of inventory stored in all locations allows inventory rebalancing.
  • Lower E&O risk due to inventory visibility.
  • Reallocation of items with availability issues.
  • Accurate build scheduling due to inventory visibility.

Oasis Inventory Control System

  • Inventory at all warehouses/storage locations visible in one system.
  • Virtual segregation of inventory into allocation buckets (project, site, spares, quality hold).
  • Track receipts, moves, transfers, and consumption of all inventory.
  • Ability to virtually allocate/reallocate inventory.
  • No limit to number of warehouses or inventory allocation buckets.
  • All transactions are recorded and can be audited.
  • System transactions can be configured to meet customer's business needs and processes.
  • System allows serial number and revision tracking.
  • Real time transaction execution and update.
  • Transaction control/restrictions at the individual user or role level.
  • Custom user interfaces configured at the user or role level.

Delivery Solutions -- we are Local Nationwide!

Performance Delivery Guarantee

  • Date certain delivery. We have flexible delivery solutions to deliver when you need it, with outstanding on-time, complete, error-free performance!
  • We manage a network of high-performance carrier partners capable of providing standard & specialized services to meet your needs.
  • Competitive, aggressive pricing of delivery solutions allowing Tessco to be your local supplier Nationwide!

In-Market Local Warehousing

  • National footprint of depot locations.
  • New locations can be operational in 2-3 weeks.
  • No long term lease commitments for storage space.
  • Value add/kitting work can be performed at the location.
  • Same day pickup/delivery of critical material.
  • Lower transportation costs through consolidation of inbound material.
  • Local/last mile delivery available with standard or special equipment.
  • Locations can support network build and spare parts/upgrade/repair material.

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Velocitel & Tessco

Learn how Tessco helped Velocitel overcome challenges and meet their construction schedule with a comprehensive solution.

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TESSCO's Supply Chain Architecture - Part 1


TESSCO's Supply Chain Architecture - Part 2


TESSCO's Supply Chain Architecture - Part 3




Tessco has a wide variety of financing and leasing options to help you secure the capital you need, allowing us to design the right solution to support your project. 


Financial Solution Design & Consulting

The most complex part of any wireless network should be the system design, not the accounting. Just as we provide technical support, we also provide financial consultants to help you customize the right solution for your business.

Tessco's financial experts provide start-to-finish support. From designing the best financing options to a dedicated account receivable representative, we are committed to understanding and supporting your business.

Financing Options

Notice: As of February 22, 2018, our terms and conditions have changed. Please review here.

Terms and Credit

In addition to traditional financing choices, Tessco can support your purchasing requirements with a variety of enhanced options.

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Extended Terms
  • Personal Guaranty
  • Cross Corporate Guaranty
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Assignment of Proceeds (AOP)
  • Joint Purchase Order
  • Blind Lockbox Accounts

Channel Financing

Large projects can require increased financial capacity. Tessco works with industry-leading partners to facilitate your business growth.
Our approved third-party partners include:

Learn More


Manage your cash flow, maximize your working capital, and predict your monthly billings by leasing equipment. This flexible option can be ideal for high-price equipment including radios, test equipment, and Wi-Fi systems.

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Ready to Get Started

Contact us to start working with a Financial Consultant.

Email  cfs@tessco.com

Open an Account

Our open terms credit-granting process is simple and timely!

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Marketing Services

Leverage your relationship with Tessco and put our expert marketing team to work, for you. Through the various programs in our Marketing Services packages we can help you maximize your exposure, increase your revenue, and unlock new opportunities for success.

This new marketing program is designed to work as an extension of your own marketing efforts, targeting buyers and influencers in key markets across digital and traditional channels to drive sales and new sales opportunities. We know your business. We're in it.



Place your brand front and center in front of our wide range of customers through supplemental marketing efforts. Be part of our email marketing efforts, publications and newsletters, sponsorship opportunities, and more to ensure that when customers are searching for a solution they find you.


Full scale, in-store marketing and omnichannel sales solutions, completely supported by TESSCO’s team of product experts and marketing professionals. We’ll deliver seasonal collateral for in-store advertising aimed at driving increased traffic, on-the-floor training opportunities to keep your associates up to date on the latest technologies and selling techniques, and our Endless Aisle omnichannel solution that lets you deliver inventory beyond the walls of your store, so you can compete with online retailers and still deliver the face-to-face service only available in-store.

Digital Marketing

At the core of the program is a broad base of digital B2B marketing tactics designed to drive brand awareness consideration and purchase intent.

Email Marketing

Paid Search Marketing

Online Display Networks and Remarketing


Social Intelligence

Social Media Advertising


Dedicated space on Tessco.com to drive consideration at the point purchase:

  • Dedicated portal page to represent your brand
  • Impression-based placement to ensure your brand is represented and considered during the purchase decision process

Trade & Event Marketing

Providing partnership opportunities at key industry events to drive new opportunities with new buyers and resellers.

Strategy & Performance

The new marketing services program provides an all-new glimpse into your marketing plan.

The Tessco marketing services team will work with you and your marketing team to develop a go-to-market strategy to reach customers at the right time, with the right message and the right solution.

Once we have a good strategy, we deliver. Providing measurable sales and opportunities is our goal. The entire Tessco marketing team is behind building and growing your business with the best return on investment.

Sales Training & Incentives

  • Sponsored Training – giving you access to the Tessco sales team
  • Sponsored GoConnect™ – courses for Interactive training and certification for in-store sales associates
  • Rebate & Reward Programs – reward customers, in-store sales associates and Tessco sales team members with structured programs
  • Road Shows – go on the road with Tessco and meet customers face-to-face while training them on your latest product developments

  • Ready to Assist You

    Russ Bradlee


    Russ is involved in the business development of both Commercial & Retail channels - working with our Mobile Device Accessory partners & Networking System partners on marketing solutions to expand sales.

    Gear   410.773.3680

    Email  Email Russ

    Tyler Mewhirter


    Tyler works on growing our Commercial channels by primarily focusing on strategic marketing plans for our Infrastructure, Installation, Test & Maintenance manufacturing partners.

    Gear   410.229.1658

    Email  Email Tyler


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    More than just inventory management. Comprehensive replenishment, sales analysis, marketplace trend reports, and data-driven product recommendations maximize your store performance.

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    Let Tessco help you. Contact a representative.

    Maintain Your Holiday Sales Momentum into the New Year

    Once the whirlwind that is the holiday season settles down it may be tempting to take a breather. But with the right preparation you can continue your strong sales into the post-holiday season.

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    Set Your Store Up for Success

    Stocking the right products is crucial to maximizing sales and profits. But how you display those products to your customers is just as important.

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    Tessco offers a full range of procurement and ecommerce integrations to make managing your supply chain easy and efficient.


    Gain access to the Tessco product catalog, solution configuration and order management from your browser to enable your team members to do business with Tessco.

    • Customer-specific pricing
    • Real‐time product availability
    • Order status, history & delivery tracking
    • Product selection and configuration tools
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    Order Approval Management

    Use our Order Approval & Status Information System (OASIS) to create a role-based order approval flow on Tessco.com for your company to allow outside contractors to propose purchases for your review and approval.

    • Permission-based order actions by user role
    • Limit presentation of price and availability by user role
    • Accept and reject flow actions
    • Order flow approval notifications by email

    Procurement Solutions

  • Punchout that provides real-time access to Tessco's product catalog within your purchasing system.
  • EDI that provides connectivity to exchange purchase orders, shipping notices and invoices.
  • Ariba, SAP and Oracle sourcing relationships.
  • Contract Vehicle Support

    Tessco has many government contract vehicles to support your procurement needs. Many contract pricing plans are integrated into the Tessco.com pricing engine for qualified accounts.

    • GSA Schedules
    • National Purchase Programs (NPP)
    • Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)

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