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Be prepared for FirstNet with the products, services, and expertise to get the job done on time and on budget.

The FirstNet initiative is revolutionizing public safety communications in the United States. With the rollout under way, rest assured that Tessco will be at the forefront - keeping you in the know on the impacts of FirstNet on your critical communications systems.

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Ensure your network is ready when it's needed most. Browse our FirstNet-ready products and contact your Account Manager to get started on your solution.

If you already have an account with us and know your Tessco representative, please contact them directly. If you do not currently have an account with us please email firstnet@tessco.com to get started.


Disaster Recovery

No business should risk operating without a disaster plan. Be ready before disaster strikes.

Loss of communications, loss of power, and damaged infrastructure are all critical problems that must be addressed in the face of an emergency. Whether natural disasters or human-caused hazards, Tessco can help your businesses prepare for the impact of the many risks they face in today's world.

Disaster Recovery Communication

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In-Vehicle Communication

More than anyone else, first responders need reliable ways to communicate while in their vehicles.

Police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles are outfitted with a wide variety of communications equipment, including two-way radios, laptop computers, cell phones and PDAs. Dispatchers and supervisors need ways to track personnel and assets, maintain equipment and enable interagency communications. Tessco provides the solutions that first responders need to do their jobs effectively.

In-Vehicle Communication

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Two-way radio operation is only as good as the accessories that support it.

Two-way radio systems increase productivity by allowing a mobile workforce to communicate instantly, while still focusing on the job at hand. From batteries and chargers/analyzers to headsets, microphones and encoders/decoders, Tessco provides the accessories that keep these systems functional and productive.

Two-Way Radio Accessories

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Two-Way Radio Networks

For personnel on the move, two-way radio systems offer fast, clear and dedicated communication.

Two-way radio systems continue to offer reliable, cost-effective communications for public safety agencies (police, fire, EMS), and for companies that manage fleets and dispatch field forces. Technology advances and future expansion mean that two-way radios help businesses meet their unique requirements and specific needs. Tessco is a leading supplier of two-way radio solutions and the accessories that support them.

Two-Way Radio Networks

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FirstNet Resources

For more information visit www.firstnet.gov & www.firstnet.com.

Custom Solutions

Contact one of our Solutions Architects to have a customized solution created that fits your specific network needs.

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CommScope RF Wireless Solutions for FirstNet
FirstNet is in the early stages of creating the first nationwide high speed broadband wireless network to provide a single interoperable platform for law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and other safety officials.

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