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Distributed Antenna Systems Projects

Smarts to Parts:
Planning & Deploying DAS

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) presents unique supply chain challenges. From RF propagation and interference mitigation to carrier coordination, a DAS project requires expertise, the right technology and horse power. TESSCO has you covered 'From Smarts to Parts'. Regardless of your role in a DAS deployment, TESSCO provides value across the entire DAS program cycle. We put the PARTS in PARTnership!

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New FCC rules for Cellular Signal Booster Use

On February 20, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued Report and Order FCC 13-21 that stipulated new rules to improve wireless coverage through the use of signal boosters. These new rules go into effect on March 1, 2014 and require signal booster owners to:

- Obtain wireless service provider consent to operate the device

- Register the device with their serving wireless service provider prior to operation


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Eight Steps to a Complete DAS Deployment

1. Project Requirements

Defining the proper scope for the project is critical: TESSCO can help define your options with a robust online knowledge center, training classes and an experienced technical support staff that can guide you early in project development.

In-Building Communications Overview


2. System Design

TESSCO offers complete design services that produce project documentation suitable for proposals and competitive bids. We use industry-standard carrier requirements and industry-leading software tools that produce project winning results.

Complete Design Form

3. Project Planning

With hundreds of in building wireless projects successfully supported, TESSCO’s experience in planning and coordinating is relied upon by carriers, contractors and systems integrators, alike. We have a comprehensive bag of tricks at our disposal to make even the most demanding requirements a success: From an extensive inventory to broad vendor selection, we always work for a win-win outcome.

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4. Proposal

When it’s time to bid, TESSCO works to align the your project requirements with a comprehensive Bill of Materials along with project documentation that meets your projects schedule, technical requirements and budget. We work with the industry’s leading vendors.

Create a Bill of Materials

5. Carrier Coordination

Possibly the most important step in a DAS deployment, coordinating with the carrier requires two steps. TESSCO has worked with all major wireless carriers and can help steer you project to carrier acceptance. TESSCO works closely with you to ensure you are contacting your Carrier(s) at the proper time and providing accurate documents to support your design. If feedback requires a solution change, TESSCO can provide alternative solutions and designs.

Carrier Coordination Article (PDF)

6. Logistics

Every Project is different. Remaining flexible in your approach is a unique TESSCO value prop. We can custom build a supply chain model that can provide kitting of materials, pre assembly of cabling and enclosures, and staging to meet even the tightest scheduling windows. TESSCO provides a direct program management link to our world class supply chain capabilities. We put the Parts in Partnership.

Learn More About Kitting Services

7. System Installation & Test

While the onsite logistics are part of your installation effort, TESSCO remains connected to the project throughout. Our program staff works with you to address scope changes, scheduling changes, last minute substitutions, and approvals.

Learn More About DAS Installation & Maintenance Training

8. Commissioning & Cutover

With your project nearing completion, TESSCO remains Your Total Source® for wireless. Our portfolio includes test equipment, last-minute site materials, spares and replacements as well as complementary technologies including WiFi solutions, battery backup for public safety requirements, and proper tools and supplies.

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Design Template

In-Building Communication

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